miércoles, 17 de enero de 2007

The perspectives in front of reality

I haven’t written anything from 26th December, let’s write something before my computer gets too much angry to let me turn it on.

What a way I’ve begun the New Year.

Eating the grapes at work and going home at 5 am (just working, without celebration) and when I arrived home I put on the thermometer and I was at 39 º C (if you want it in Fahrenheit you change it, I’m from international system).
You had to see how happy Paco and the others became when I phoned them the 1st (the day with more work to do of all year) just to say “I won’t be able to come”.

Now the less work period of the year is beginning. In last weekend at Saturday we had a very few customers and in Sunday it was full but we didn’t even had to use a table twice. What a weekend…

About studying now I’m trying to get out from the hole. In difference from 1st of A level I’ve begun this course wrong and if I want to have a good grade for the university I must get on soon or I’ll be late.

Sometimes I feel odd about the perspectives in front of reality. When I almost finished the ESO (Obligatory Secondary Education) I though about what I could do. Inside my small election the best result was Medicine and I began with this A level specialty to arrive there. But every day that goes away I see it more difficult and, with full respect, I don’t wanna be a male nurse, dentist or something like that… Before that I prefer being a firefighter or cop (I was thinking about pretending to become a GEO (something like the SWAT)…) although I don’t know if I could enter with my myopia and my not very worked physical condition.

At least I will ever can be a waiter in full shift. Well, I stop that I have work to do for tomorrow.

I will return...

Senofrari – I’ll pass all my life looking for you, and if I can’t find you I’ll wait you come to find me for all the eternity.