martes, 26 de diciembre de 2006

I think I won’t go out

This “issue” is just an anecdote but I think I will never forget it.
Some time ago it happened a thing to me and the maître that I still laugh when I just remember it.

One day, before even having lunch before the service the maître, Paco, and I were changing our cloths in the small room where we do it every work’s day. It’s a small room in the way to go to the client’s bathroom.

Well, at that time there wasn’t any client and we heard the sounds of heels going downstairs from the restaurant. Both of us though that it was Luisa, the girl who takes care of the information about the weddings and so on.

Paco appeared opening the door and just said “hello”, without wearing the shirt.

“Help me, I’m being violated!!” I screamed at the same time. Without looking outside.

Then Paco closed the door and with a pale face “shut up, she isn’t Luisa”. Then I began laughing while he was saying that he couldn’t leave that room, that he didn’t want that the woman could see him again.

Once I finished I went upstairs and later I saw a woman going upstairs with a strange face. I had problems to avoid laughing in front of her. She went away and sat with a man who was talking to Louisa. They were planning their wedding’s celebration. The woman didn’t even looked at me, she didn’t know I was the guy of the screaming, but didn’t look to Paco more than once or twice.

That day we asked several times to Louisa to get a characteristic sound of heels, we are still waiting for it.

“Never presuppose there aren’t clients although you can’t see them”.

Happy new year, guys!!!

miércoles, 20 de diciembre de 2006

Waitering beginings or we the Spaniards -hic!-

Actually I’m working as a waiter at the weekends to have some money and experience. I have ever listened that in Spain there are so much drunkards, but I didn’t think that they are so many. In this dates there’s a lot of work with the company meals and all the Christmas clap and I have to do some “Free drinks” (I don’t know to say if it’s correct, “barra libre” in Spanish). Well, one of the last weekends was an experience for me.

In Saturday I staid in a bar of a 160 people’s company meal. The consumptions were with a ticket, without ticket I couldn’t serve. When the first wave of thirsty gullets with avid hands to hold the bottles gone away if MY bar the thing became more relaxed allowing me to restore it. Then what surprised more to me was how some clients began coming without ticket offering me even 10 euros for a cocktail that didn’t cost neither 5, of course hide–and-seck when I told them that I mustn’t serve them neither paying (you can imagine their faces hen I didn’t accepted to do it although there were only the client and me). Some also attempted to hide a bottle or taking the tickets that I had been keeping in an ice cubes pot (I haven’t obtained the translation in English anywhere, don’t you have a word for “cubitera”?) on the table. You should see their faces when I was telling them that I had orders to don’t serve even if they offered me to pay it. And then not even the half went to the bar form the restaurant. I imagine they must have been too much tired to go upstairs [the lounge where we were was in the ground floor].

And in Sunday another tale. We’ve done two company meals with Dance but without Free drink. The result was that the restaurant’s bar resulted flooded of people screaming that we might serve them because everybody had been already for half an hour waiting there (people sometimes have got rare done clocks). The anecdote of the day was that one guy, that at least drunk 5 or 6 Macallan of 12 euros each one, pissed on the bar’s wall when there was nobody (I couldn’t see that because at that moment I was mounting tables) and by what she said me a companion, from the other side of the bar, while she was passing when she looked at him she asked if he was pissing. The bastard answered her “no” while he was closing the zipper (what a pity, he didn’t catch the canary). He went away fast and not at least came back asking for the credit card that he left to pay(I don’ know for what, he paid the drinks in metallic).
Now my point of view has changed. I’m satiated to see the lot of hardened drunkards that there are in the wedding’s bars, celebrations and meals. I don’t feel surprised due to that we, the Spaniards, are at the tail of Europe in so much things. I whish someday Baco will help us to control our water of live and we don’t even do the spectacle so.

miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2006

Prólogo -- Foreword

Hoy, miércoles 6 de diciembre de 2006 he creado este blog. Realmente no sé por qué lo he hecho pero lo que sí sé seguro es que siempre me ha gustado escribir(que tópico), por lo que a ver que puedo decir por la WWW.

Mucha gente que no tiene cosas importantes que decir o cuyas palabras solo tienen sentido para sí mismas no lo ven, espero que no me convertiré en una de ellas. Sólo el tiempo lo decidirá.

Pronto empezaré mi divagar.


Today, wednesday 6th of December 2006 I've created this blog. I really don't know why I've done it but what I know for sure is that I've always liked to write (what a topic) so let's see what can I say across the WWW.

Many people who haven't important things to say or that their words have only sense for themselves can't see it, I wish I won't become one of them. Only the time will decide that.

I'll soon begin my words' digress.